You can create an RSS or XML feed using the Reporting tools within Infomaxim.

This is useful for syndicating website content like a product catalogue or news stream with price comparison websites (like GetPrice), news aggregators (like Google) and blogging tools.

How to create a feed

1. Create a Report showing the information you wish to include
2. On the Report Settings tab, change the Type to XML Feed and Save
3. From the View tab two new links will now appear:-

  • Preview XML Feed
  • Publish Feed

Preview XML Feed

This will provide you a way to see the XML feed in your web browser to ensure it looks correct. Most modern browsers will render the feed as XML with collapsible nodes. If you see any kind of error message, there may be a problem with the feed.

Publish Feed

You can Publish a feed to the Stage or Live website. The file name will be created from the Title of the report. A page will be created in a folder called XML. After publishing, you can easily access this page by clicking the link in the Publish dialog. The link you see after Publishing to Live is the link you should provide the website wishing to access you feed.

Live vs Current vs Published

On the Settings tab there is another new options which is called Show.
This allows you to specifically limit the results of a report or feed to items which are either:-

a) Current - this is also the default if no option is selected and simply means the current version of the item will be shown
b) Stage - this will show only items that have been Staged (or published to live)
c) Live - this will show only items that have been Approved and made Live.

Note: If the item contains a field which is linked to an item that is *not* Live, the entire item will not be shown.

Similarly, a Staged item will not show if a field is linked to an item that is not Staged or Live.

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