Infomaxim can be utilised to solve a wide range of business requirements.

Information management

Collect, manage, edit, report and export information.

Content publishing

Edit, stage, version, publish, schedule, rollback, audit and expire content.

Database publishing

Connect a data feed, import data, sync and publish.

Email marketing

Create campaigns and publications, manage lists, create broadcasts, send, track and report.

Customer management

Track contact history, store data, relate order history and visitor analytics.


Shopping cart, authentication, order history, checkout, confirmation, payment and transaction processing.

Event publishing

Create, schedule, add multiple ticketing options, registration with custom forms, sessions and options.

Ticketing and registration

Generate branded printable or digital tickets with QR code support, check-in or scanning validation.

Payment processing

Transaction processing through popular payment providers using sandboxed secure payment handling.

Freight calculation

By weight, item, category, destination and provider.

Marketing Analytics

Private visitor data or linked customer analytics.

Bespoke applications

SDK for completely custom applications either server rendered or over API.

Marketing analytics

Powerful live data streams linked to customer activity

  • Click-stream view of live visitors
  • Tracks visitors from end-to-end through the customer life cycle
  • Uses client-side JavaScript for accurate tracking of user behaviour
  • Integrated with content to provide contextual reporting
  • Tracks clicks on download, links to other sites and internal links
  • Live dashboard reports
  • Supports 3rd part analytics code
  • Set up analytics in a matter of minutes
  • Upgrade or change analytics providers in minutes
Business Intelligence

Build reports to query your Infomaxim database using a simple point & click interface.

  • Powerful drag and drop tabular reports
  • Pivot table support (up to 3 dimensions in x and y axis)
  • Quick detail columnar reports
  • 3 levels of grouping
  • Count, sum and averaging
  • Create complex filters with multiple conditions
  • Export raw data to Excel, CSV, XML and more
  • Render to PDF or Screen
  • Pie, bar, column, line, area and multi-series charts
  • Combine multiple reports into a dashboard view
  • Create multiple dashboards and grant to specific users
  • Organise reports using drag and drop folders
  • Create derived data columns containing formulas
  • Automatic drill-down through tabular reports and charts to detail view
  • Link report columns to other reports
  • Apply formatting per column or per pivot dimension
  • Use reporting to profile customers and build lists for email broadcasting
  • Combine customer information with website analytics for targetting marketing based on behavioural profiling
Email Marketing

Integration of a powerful email marketing capability in the same system that contains your content, customer and web analytics data opens the door to incredible new opportunities for segmenting, targetting and profiling customers, leading to increased sales through improved marketing relevancy.

  • Bulk email broadcasting
  • Send, view and click tracking
  • Live broadcast dashboard
  • Add recipients from multiple sources
  • Combine and subtract one or more lists
  • Add recipients using queries
  • Smart templates auto-generate from published content
  • Event based campaign triggers
  • Easy unsubscribe

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