Record Locking

Record locking means many users can work on editing information at once without accidentally over-writing each others changes.

How does it work?

  • When an item is being edited, other users will see a lock icon against the item.
  • If an item is edited, but abandoned, the lock will remain for a maximum of one day.
  • A user clicking on an unlocked item, which is locked while they are looking at the item list, will be stopped from editing just like a user who can see the lock, with a warning message explaining the item is locked and by who.
  • Any items you lock are released by logging out, or returning to the list of items, regardless of what other actions you might take.


  • An Administrator can always over-ride a locked record. Of course, in so doing, they would run the risk of creating change conflicts. In this case, the last version saved will be the current one.
  • An Administrator will be warned before opening a locked item.


Q: I went to edit an item which looked unlocked and I got a message saying the item is locked?

A: The item was locked while the list of items was being viewed. The lock was detected after you clicked to edit the item.

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