Each website has configuration settings which can be managed in Admin > Config > Websites.


  • Title : For reference purposes only
  • Domain : The live website domain
  • File Path : The server path to the website files
  • Stage Domain : The stage domain name
  • Stage File Path : The server path to the stage files
  • Logo : The logo shown on the website (if used)
  • Email Logo : The logo shown on email confirmations and notifications
  • Email From : The email from address used when emails are sent. Please ensure SPF requirements are met.
  • Email Sales : The email from address used when sales emails are sent. Please ensure SPF requirements are met.
  • Email CC: Optional address emails sent are CC'd to.
  • Email BCC: Optional address emails sent are BCC'd to.
  • Google Analytics: Code snippet from Google which can be included on website templates using the tag <%=AuroraWebsite.Item("google_analytics")%>


  • Default Currency : The current all prices are shown in
  • Currency of Product Prices : The currency from which prices are converted to render the default or user selected currency


  • Default Country : The country in which products are shipped from for tax purposes
  • Show GST : If checked, GST will be shown as a line item in the order
  • Deduct GST from Exports : If checked, GST will be deduced from the total of orders being shipping to a country other than the default country
  • Add GST to Total: If checked, GST will be added to the total - this assumes all prices have been entered as ex-GST 
  • Apply GST if unsure: Your template developers will check this if products are put into the shopping cart without specifying if GST applies


  • Calculate Freight : If checked, freight options will be shown to the customer
  • By Courier : If checked, courier options will be shown based on the courier freight method
  • Add freight method amount
  • Add freight by unit cost
  • Add freight by weight
  • Add freight by Australia Post
  • Calculate freight from Post Code

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card : Allow credit card payments
  • Pay Pal : Allow Pay Pal payments (requires Pay Pal Email)
  • EFT : Allow EFT payments (displays EFT details on Step 5)
  • Account : Allow orders to be placed on account. (Checks if order exceeds account credit limit)
  • Loyalty Points : Allows orders to be partially or fully paid for using loyalty points.
  • Payment Gateway : Bank payment gateway to use for credit card transactions. At least two of the following fields are also required:-
    • Gateway Account # : Payment gateway account # issued by payment gateway provider
    • Gateway Username : Payment gateway username issued by payment gateway provider
    • Gateway Password : Payment gateway password issued by payment gateway provider
    • Certificate File : Required for some payment gateways only.
  • American Express : If checked, enables payment by American Express.
  • Amex Surcharge : % fee to add on top of order totals for American Express transactions.
  • Pay Pal Email : The email account for Pay Pal transactions.
  • Pay Pal Return Button Text : This text is shown on the button that appears in side Pay Pal, which users click on to return to the website.
  • Accept $0 as Purchase Order : Allows orders for no value to be submitted as a Purchase Order
  • Show T&C's : Displays a T&C's step after Step 4. The content is managed from Ecommerce > Checkout Content
  • Maximum Coupons per order : The maximum number of coupons a customer may redeem in a single order. No value or 0 means no limit.
  • Enable Gift Voucher : If checked, allows gift vouchers to be accepted in the Coupon/Gift Voucher field of Checkout Step 1 & 4.
  • Allow No Confirmation : If checked, displays a checkbox in Step 3 of the Checkout to allow users to request no confirmation email on completion of the order.
  • Attach PDF Invoice/PO : If checked, email sent on completion of an order will also include a PDF attachment of the invoice or purchase order.


  • Products Table : Optional - the default table to use for resolving links to products within the Checkout
  • Allow QTY Increment : If checked, allows customers to increase the QTY of a product ordered from with the Checkout - Shopping Cart and Step 4.


  • Dynamic Variant Titles
  • Specification Columns
  • Post Code
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Submit Cart
  • Delivery Note
  • Footer Note
  • Hide Checkout Breadcrumb
  • Show Company Field
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