Returns a collection of data from a query that automatically considers:-

  • Whether the app is running on Production or Stage



appID: string || number

The appID is current a numeric value indicating the app or site instance ID within the repository.


table: string

The table name is the native database table name.

columns: string

A comma delimited list of table columns names (or fields) to return from the query.

where: string

A valid SQL where clause. Note, this structure will be deprecated in future, to be replaced by an object, the properties for which will be validated against the repository permissions. 

orderBy: string

A valid SQL “order by” clause. If not provided, when querying a published table, the results will be sorted in reverse order of the publish_set_date, which is the date on which the item was first published. This allows a published item to be updated without disturbing the publish date sort order. The publish_set_date can be manually changed from the Publish Settings tab when editing an item.


isAppGrid: false, 
isLive: false

Related Data

relatedTable: string,
relatedTable_id: number, 
isReverseRelated: boolean, 

Special Query Modifers

extraSQLJoin: string,
fullText: false,
fieldsReq: '',

isPaging: false, 
isNoExpand: false, //NoExpand 
leaveOrder: false,
distinct: false,
perPage: 50, 
maxPage: 0,
OrderBy: '', // to be removed
orderBy: '',
 rows: -1, 
 record: false,

 s_keyword: '', 
 sqlDistinct: '',


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