Formatting Admin Forms

Forms can be rendered spanning multiple tabs and multiple columns.

The field order, label and interface control can all be configured.

Editing Field Positions

To make changes to fields, open the Table form Admin > Tables/Fields.

Select the Fields tab and edit the field you wish to change. The following changes are recommended:-

  • Display Order : Controls the order in which the field is displayed
  • Render Type : Controls how the field is rendered; a number of special controls are available. 

Tabs & Columns

A field can be added, with no field name and a Render Type of Field Set or Tab Set. This field should be the first field in the form in terms of display order after that each subsequent tab or field set which group fields accordingly.

The class field can contain a CSS class to control rendering. A special class of 'new_column' is build in to force a fieldset to start a new column.

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