Order Status

Every shopping cart is stored as a potential order, allowing a customer to continue the order at a future time.

Orders can be analysed by status, to gain an understanding of conversion ratio.

Understanding order status possibilities is very important when you are creating or modifying reports designed to show sales; as multiple order status may apply to an order which should count as a sale.


  • Cart - The customer has not moved to the Checkout - items have been placed in the Cart 
  • Checkout - The customer has entered the Checkout process
  • Pending - The order is Pending payment. This usually occurs when payment is attempted and failed.
  • Ordered - The order was placed, without a payment option. This occurs if the order is on Account or has a $0 amount.
  • Paid - The order was placed and paid for, for example by Credit Card, Pay Pal or Loyalty Points.
  • Processing - The order is being fulfiled. This status exists once an order is viewed, or once it has been successfully passed to a 3rd part fulfilment house.
  • Shipped - All items in the order have been shipped.
  • Part Shipped - Some items in the order have been shipped.
  • Cancelled - The order has been revoked.

If you manage order fulfilment externally, completed orders will have a status of Ordered, Paid or Processing.

If fulfilment is managed within Infomaxim, orders can have a status of Ordered, Paid, Processing, Shipped, Part Shipped or Cancelled. You may need to modify reports to reflect how your business accounts for orders which are still being fulfiled.

Apart from the above status types, there are also special statuses for Coupons and Gift Vouchers.

  • A Gift Voucher being purchased has a status of 'Coupon' and a redeem status of 'Unredeemed'
  • Coupon added to an order has a status of 'Coupon'.
  • Items with a status of 'Coupon' are reprocessed any time the order is changed until the order is finalised, as in some cases, their value or rules of use may be impacted by the items in the order.
  • A Gift Voucher being redeemed in an order has status of 'Gift Voucher'
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