PDF eForm Merge

A report can be merged with fields in a PDF. To do this, create a form PDF and be sure to name each field. Here's how to create these fields in your PDF.

You do not need to follow a specific naming convention. The available fields will be detected at the time of output.

See this example form.

How to map eForm fields

  1. From the Settings tab in the report, select the PDF to merge the report output with using the eForm field and SAVE the report.
  2. Reopen the report and then from the Configure tab you can match fields in your report with the fields found in the PDF by selecting them from the eForm column on the far right. (This will ONLY appear once you have added a PDF eForm using the Settings tab.)
  3. View your report to ensure the correct data is being shown.
  4. Once you're happy with the View, click the eForm link in the top navigation. A new tab will open with a link to download the merged report.

IMPORTANT: Very large reports can generate very large files, which may take a long time to download.

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