• Publishing is the process of releasing information to a live website
  • Pages
    • Some content directly corresponds to a single page.
    • Publishing this content will create or update a page on your website.
    • Published pages require a template and file name
      • A default template for the kind of item you are publishing can be configured, removing the need to choose a template for each item
      • The file name used is derived from the title of the item, unless you supply a specific file name
  • Templates
    • A template contains the business rules which determine which information is shown on a page
    • The same template can be used on many different pages
    • You can select a different template to instantly alter how it looks or works
    • If you make changes to a template to instantly alter how all pages which use that template look or work
      • Use the Template field in the item you are editing to select the required Template
      • Set the default Template for a type of item using Admin > Tables
      • Add new Templates using Admin > Templates

    NOTE : Live information does not need to be published. Changes you make to live data are reflected on your website immediately. You will see these items do not have the option to Save & Publish.


Some basic plans or licenses of Infomaxim do not include versioning.

  • Each time you Save or Publish an item a new version is created
    • Using versioning you can publish one version, then immediately begin editing, saving and reviewing a new version for future publishing without effecting your live website.

Roll Back

  • Roll Back requires Versioning in order to work.
  • Using the History tab you can choose to roll back the current version to an earlier version

Multi Site Publishing

  • Infomaxim has the ability to publish the same content to many sites
    • If Multi-Site is enabled, when you publish and item it will be automatically published to all Websites you have configured
    • You can configure Infomaxim to enable specific items to be selectively published to certain Websites.
    • If Multi-Site is enabled for the type of item you are editing, when you are browsing a type of item, you will see the option to filter by Website next to Search.
      • You can enable Multi-Site for a type of item using Admin > Tables
        • Select the table to edit
        • Tick the Multi-site checkbox
      • You can setup additional websites in Admin > General Config > Websites
        • Adding an additional website will require the appropriate Infomaxim plan or license
    • If you have multiple sites, and Multi-Site is not enabled for the type of item you are Publishing, then published items will appear on all websites using the same template.
    • By default each site will use the template you select, or the one that is configured as the default for the type of item your publishing
    • For each template, specific sites can have an exception defined to use a alternative template. This enables a single Publish action to publish the same information to different sites, using different templates.
    • You can configure template website exceptions in the Admin > Templates editor.
      • Choose the template you wish to edit
      • Select Relate
      • Add a Template Exception
        • Select the Website the exception applies to
        • Enter the template file name and folder you wish to publish to
      • This will over-ride the user selected template and the default template for that type of item, when publishing to the selected Website
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