Checkout Content

Several steps of the Checkout process allow content to be edited at the top, footer and in some cases the middle of the page.

How to manage content

From Manager > Checkout Messages, create items with the following settings:-

1. Checkout Step: Select the page which the content should appear.

2. Page Location: Select the position on the page on which the content should appear.

3. Content Tab: Enter the content

Save & Publish the content as you would normally.

Supported Pages and Locations

Step 1 : Review Cart – Top, Bottom

Step 2:  Enter Email – Top, Middle (above "Please enter your email address"), Bottom

Step 2: Login – Top, Bottom

Step 2 : Password –  Top, Bottom

Step 3: Address – Top, Bottom

Step 4: Review – Top, Bottom

Step 5: Payment – Top, Bottom

Step 6: Confirmation - Top, Bottom

Terms & Conditions: Top, Middle, Bottom



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