Data can be imported from an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. This format can be exported from most spreadsheet programs.

Columns should be titled to match the field names of the table you wish to import into.

You can find the field names under System > Tables or by exporting to Excel from a Report which uses the table you wish to import to as a Source.

How to import

1. Choose the import tool from Manager > Import

2. Select the file you wish to import and the table to import to

3. Select the work sheet to import from

4. Select the column to use for matching existing records - this is useful if you have exported data, made changes and then wish to import the revised data

5. Your spreadsheet will be imported.

Rows which do not matching an existing column will be added as new items. For those that do match, the data in your spreadsheet will replace the field column names found matching in that table. All other data will remain untouched.

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