New features July 2017

Version 5.10


  • New: Stallholder/Exhibitor application form template
  • New: Quick Add Subscribers 
  • New: Banner with Carousel effect for images, video or featured events
  • New: Event listing page filtered by category
  • New: Optional visitor quick subscribe pop-up
  • New event portal template
  • New: Event landing pages – compact single presenter and large map


  • Facebook and Twitter images for social sharing auto-generated at ideal sizes when events are published
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter meta data
  • Improved Google event rich snippets

Data Import

  • Map fields from an import source to target fields (and save for reuse)
  • Import from more file types including XML


  • Item status now shown at left hand end of edit tool bar
  • Short authoring history pop-up from icon at right hand end of edit tool bar
  • New responsive tree view of page hierarchies
  • More helpful field validation
  • Easier page sorting using drag n drop


  • Improved deliverability of transactional emails (using Postmarkapp)


  • Improvements around security and performance
  • More robust customer session handling

Version 5.08

  • Dynamic field mapping during import
  • Faster loading of social login
  • Custom field support in drag n drop attendee form builder
  • Support for Rich Snippets in Event page meta-data
  • Support for Twitter Cards in Event page meta-data
  • Automatic Google URL-Shortening on Event page Social Share buttons
  • Improved support for recurring events
  • QR Codes on Tickets / Improved Design
  • Improved UX on Door Manager app
  • Improved handling of cancelled tickets
  • New Sponsor Template with 3 sponsorship tiers
  • Stalls/Exhibitors Management
  • Venue Map + Live Location Tracking + Map Legend
  • Stall and Event Venue Map Categories
  • Security by Contact
  • Event Portal template
  • Large Event home template
  • XML Import
  • Field Matching on Import
  • Group Discounts
  • Ticket Allocation by all of event
  • Advanced CSS Editor
  • Embedable Widgets
  • New Coupon Discount Methods
  • No need for SSL certificate on your custom domain
  • Theme Chooser
  • Live preview in Theme Editor
  • Colour Schemes
  • Abandoned Orders Report
  • Import  now supports for many different file formats including xls/xlsx/csv/xlsb/xlsm
  • New Weather Widget on Event pages

Version 5.07

  • Completely new Event templates
  • Site preview, Help Center and Smart Home Page
  • App Store
  • New Website configuration wizard
  • Publication Subscriber Management
  • Inline editor for Email Broadcast Messages
  • Social Checkout Login
  • Orders with line items containing specifications can now be edited
    • View the order
    • Next to the line item Specification you wish to Edit, click the Specification button. A dialog window will open showing all possible specification fields.
    • Make your changes, then click Save and the Order will be updated immediately.
  • Improved layout on Invoice/PO of item specification detail
  • Additional Checkout customisation is now support from Manager > Website Config
    • Create a custom address label
    • The State field is now a Select Box instead of a free text field.
    • Switch marketing questions off/on
  • Countries can now have customised regions or states
    • From Shop > Countries, use the States tab to add/remove States/Regions that will show in the Checkout
  • Invoice now collapses telephone fields if no information is present
  • Terms & Condition can optionally be shown as a required field at the end of Step 3 in the Checkout with a link to a separate T&Cs page
    • Content for T&C's can be edited from Shop > Checkout
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