Version 5.x

Latest New Features / Changes / Bug Fixes

New: Page security – any page can require customers to login to view
New: Stall Holder Approval – approve stall holders, triggers email to be sent with secure customer link
New: Event Options – add optional $ add ons to an event ticket 

New: Multi-event template
New: Attendee Tickets/Registrations now two separate lists if both types present on a single event
New: Clickstream Dashboard
Fixed: Upload asset from File/Image
Fixed: Copy an event zeros associated ticket sales and reservations
Fixed: Form field validation on multi-line items with an item eg: tickets
Fixed: Paging on Attendee List
Fixed: Theme editor not saving changed logo

New: Banner option in Promotion tab for an Event
New: Stallholder/Exhibitor application form
Fixed: Calendar rendering on mobile overlaying text toward bottom
Fixed: Banner with multiple featured events on landing page not show sub-title
Fixed: Validation on pop-up subscribe modal 
Fixed: Error on Subscriptions Management page

New: Click for help live chat 
Fixed: Link click tracking report on emails
Fixed: Email broadcast queue getting stuck
Fixed: Email template logo not linking correctly to home page

Improved: Event Dashboard Metrics
New: Stall Holder Application form template
New: Stalls tab in Contacts
New: Additional fields in Stalls/Exhibitors to hold certificates of insurance

Improved: Home page calendar shows events same as big calendar
New: Click home page calendar day to refresh view with events from that day forward
Improved: Large Calendar can show up to 6 events per day

New: Product Home with Categories Template
New: Product Single Template

New: Captcha protection on Contact Us form

New: Quick Add Subscribers – easy ad hoc email list building
Fix: Subscriber link from event pages
Fix: Blog Event Newsletter background colour from theme
Improved: Calendar Event Newsletter button colour on event from theme

Improved: Venue map default zoom level is higher

Fix: Import from XLSX with field mapping
Fix: Paging not working in Library
Fix: Calc fields breaking field aliasing in Reports
Change: Ordering of Attendees in Door Manager by Surname
Improved: Addition of Order ID to Attendees list in Door Manager

New: Banner Slider with image carousel, video and featured events

New: Subscription Sign Up page
New: Order History Page
New: Document upload support on attendee registration
New: Cart count on top right tool bar 
Fixed: Issue with Remove in Cart with multiple registrations
Fixed: Double time-out alert when exceed ticket buy window

New: Intro paragraph on event guide email template

New: Add a Youtube backdrop to any page banner background
Improved: Better responsive rendering of banners on mobile

New: Event registration form document upload field
New: Event listing page filtered by a category

Improved: Major enhancements to Newsletter Email Template

Improved: Contacts now detects dupe emails at point of entry in admin

New: Fully Responsive Big Calendar
Improved: Event Big Map template formatting improvements
Improved: Sponsor logo rendering improved for single logo scenarios
Improved: theme colour mapping
New: Friendly Welcome Email
New: Friendly Lost Password Email
New: System Email Template Manager
New: Business Event Invite email template
Improved: Lost Admin Password is now Password Reset
Improved: Large banner rendering
Change: Speaker photos are now square to match the square aspect ratio of LinkedIn photos

Fixed: Line item images not showing in confirmation email
New: Registration form fields can be Required
New: Registration form fields can have certain validation types set (must be an email and must be a number)
Improved: Confirmation email subject line is now contextual to type of order (ticket/registration/order)
New: Two new event detail page templates
New: Option to set Login in Checkout to always skip
New: Option to set Billing Address in Checkout to always skip
Improved: Date Range chooser no longer needs Apply button to be clicked
Fixed: In checkout remove empty items no longer prompts for invalid fields
Improved: Support for content management of some Checkout messages
Fixed: Field order sometimes didn't save in registration form builder
New: Conversion Tracking Code Snippets support (eg: Facebook pixel)

New: Accept new Mastercard numbers starting with 2
New: Additional image library images
New: Changed name for Library -> Images/Files (to make it clearly different from Library)
New: Additional colour controls in theme editor
New: domain 
New: domain ensures you can click around your website while making style changes
New: Improved sign-up wizard sets up website nomenclature automatically based on event type
New: Visual template preview from template Choose
New: Visual theme preview in Theme Editor
Improved: Advanced theme editor better groups styles together for easy editing
Fixed: Colour chooser not showing in Advanced Theme Editor
Fixed: Some locations were not showing correct location for weather
Fixed: Cannot remove item from cart without entering required fields in registration form
Fixed: Multiple timeout alerts in Checkout
Fixed: Timer not resetting if order is cleared then new items added

New: Theme preview swatch in Theme Editor + New tabbed interface
Fixed: Bug with drag n drop in tree view of pages

New: Image library + Image library chooser and initial population of royalty free images
New: Filter images by category
New: Select with other field type

New: Email click conversion report
New: Personalisation of email broadcasts
New: Preview of templates when selecting for Email Broadcasts or Pages
New: Utilising for email broadcast delivery
New: Blog social meta data for Facebook and Twitter including optimised images
Optimised: Event template load performance
Fixed: Layout issues on some browsers with date range selector on dashboards
Improved: Validation when adding recipients to a broadcast
Improved: You cannot delete a Sent email broadcast
Fixed Theme Editor: Generated CSS referenced assets that were explicitly located on the stage which resulted in SSL warnings on the live checkout 
Improved Activity Logging
Improved: Defaults for event settings - days out/calendar days out in sign-up wizard
Fixed: Empty form linked to a ticket throws error on Step 1. of checkout (caused by editing, then ignoring a registration form)
Fixed: Website not always showing as selected in Top Bar
Fixed: Image import bug - in some scenario the ID of the asset is not being prefixed - it's not referenced in the asset, and the file is not renamed. - Unrepeated using Fair logo PNG - Legacy Data issue - No longer can be replicated
Fixed: Logo upload from theme editor ends up in uploads folder - need to move it with the fix styles script
Fixed: Choosing a background and clicking SAVE did not save background (as per logo)

FIX: Security warnings in Chrome during checkout fixed 
NEW: Quick subscribe option for Email Lists - displays dialogue on home page on first visit by a user
NEW: Pizza - White theme template
Improved: Form validation - allows tab switching even when field not valid, but switches to first tab with an invalid field if you try to save. Now highlights in valid fields in light red.
BUG: Upload an image by the same name as a previous image would use old image reference by design / but this has proven problematic and now removed.
NEW: Transactional emails are now sent through Pepipost

FIX: Validation broken by latest JS framework updates fixed
NEW: Added template image rules to generate Facebook and Twitter optimised images for social metadata / updated event template
FIX: Fixed child setting for report fields
FIX: Fixed bug in rendering ticket rego forms
FIX: Fixed attendee report to ignore cancelled line items

FIX: Smiths Issue with Dashboard and Ticket Sold #'s not matching. (Appears order # / dashboard is correct BUT ticket SOLD qty is too high --- are cancels not reversing?) --- PATCHED Allocation to ignore Cancelled line items

FIX: Fixed Switch Bug (note, redirects must handle browser history)

FIX: Fixed various bugs with Email List -> Add Subscribers
FIX: Fixed various bugs with Email Broadcast -> Add Recipients
FIX: Patched 5.08 with fixes
NEW: Partial saving of import (profile + related asset) but no fields

NEW: Field mapping for file imports implemented (retained auto-mapping)
FIX: Fixed site security bug for Quest

NEW: Converted Analytics collector to a class, and integrated into Pizza

NEW: Upgraded Folder view to use consistent icons for item status, latest version of JSTree with responsive support.
IMPROVEMENT: Removed all use of Session variables and replaced with Cookies (for performance / server farm support)
IMPROVEMENT: Massively increased use of DIM (intended to improve performance)

IMPROVEMENT: Limited implementation of CDN on Footprint
FIX: Fixed bugs in Google markup for events with no tickets
NEW: Local portal template V1
NEW: Calendar view include now handles locations linked or local

IMPROVED: Stricter SQL injection filtering on URL parameters
FIXED: Fixed SAVE bug in Ticket/Registration editor
IMPROVED: Added brute force tool tip clean up to link click handler

New: Recurring on nth occurrence of day in month
New: Added support for Facebook Metadata
Fixed: Root / Label not passing from List -> Editor -> List - FIXED
Fixed: Changing Website / Changing Account does a full UI reset - FIXED

Fixed import of spreadsheets with dynamic field mapping
Link a Twitter social profile to website profile
Fixed a bug in Rich Snippets cards

Event markup for Rich Snippets to improve Google search
URL Shortener for social sharing
Added support for Twitter cards
Faster loading of social authentication

Fixed deleting a form field by click or drag

Custom form fields drag n drop editor upgrade

Recurring event rendering and click through

Ticket timer disabled once you try to submit a payment
Cancelled line items filtered out of OrderTotal
Improved mobile experience - Add to home icons, Position to 0,0 (hides URL bar)
New: Sponsor Template / 3 tiers
New: Stalls
New: Venue Map + Location Tracking + Map Legend
New: Stall and Event Venue Map Categories

New: Website Security by Customer Login
New: Allow or disallow customer to create own login
New: Simple Sponsor Template
New: Event portal home
New: Large event home
Improved: Usability improvements to checkout
New: XML Import
New: Map fields at import time
New: Min QTY on tickets for group discounts
New: Handles location in event or by linked location

Fixed: Making a copy missing reltype
Forward looking calendar limit removed
Release update to events to allow global allocation

Bug in step 5 of Checkout that allowed submission of payment after Order ID session has expired - Fixed
Black List filtering of Broadcast lists / Adding to black list at unsubscribe - Done
Unsubscribing from publication from Unsubscribe link in email / addition of publication_id to aurora_shots - Done

Ticket allocation by event, ticket/registration or both - DONE
Fixed SOLD tally in / Reserved QTY in ticket/registration - FIXED
Rebuild Allocation method in Stock Class to be entirely transactional - DONE
Fixed Events Dashboard to distinguish multiple times for same event - FIXED

Add # of sales on Event item dashboard (see main Event Dashboard for query)
On Event Main Dashboard, check revenue $ calc, looks too high

Attendee or Ticket report - missing TargetDIV on query link - FIXED
Report with Linked not passing Linked and LinkedParent on paging - FIXED
Ticket Sales using Analytics view of Order Detail not showing customers with no Analytics - Fixed
Attendee List using Analytics view of Order Detail not showing customers with no Analytics - Fixed
Import issue - needed to add a row to DIM of Value to -- Fixed

Always truncate fields exceeding max length
Salutation not copying

Loyalty rewards line item not showing

Calendar now shows past 45 days

No way to associate BLOG page with Parent, so no way to link back for Tags / Category / Nav - Fixed
Stage preview should not use LESS unless we are in the theme editor! - FIXED
Create a new blog with an image upload - error on Save or Publish - FIxed
Tweaked CSS using Advanced Editor to remove keyline around Sponsors and fix colours - DONE
Stage preview nav LESS not found bug - Fixed
Fixed up and Screen grabbed 5 events + various admin screens

Advanced Theme Editor Button Toggle - DONE
Blog Tag Filtering - DONE
BUG: Stage authoring switching - Fixed
Line spacing for body content in CSS - Fixed
Spacing above H2-H6 - Fixed
Blog Discus Comments Added - DONE

Simple Embedding with preview / CBRIN - DONE

Event reserved QTY not being released - FIXED
FreeFreight coupon type out by $1 due to TAX issue - FIXED
Salutation not copy from Billing to Delivery - FIXED
Possible issue with Email being required still after Do Not Notify ticked and email validation already fired - FIXED

HTTPS issue on Event page - Cannot add ticket - FIXED
Template Chooser in Theme Editor - DONE
Template instant preview in Theme Editor - DONE

Set Colour Scheme per Website / Use & Update in Theme Editor - DONE

Eventsity SSL Renewed - DONE
No deletion of paid orders - DONE
View Abandoned Orders - DONE
Filter out Cart status by default - DONE
Pixelgrade logo at bottom of Editor - DONE

New theme LESS compiler!  - DONE
Colour scheme data structure - DONE
Themes data structure - DONE
Colour editor - DONE
Colour Schemes - DONE
Add colour schemes to match the existing themes + additional schemes - DONE
Easy editor will let you change the selected scheme or create a scheme to apply to the current theme - DONE
After applying the scheme CSS is regenerated and saved as the customer CSS for this site - DONE
Returning to edit, we can use the original theme selection variables file --- so add a theme selection to the aurora site --- and aurora_themes -- a theme will be base + theme - DONE
Advance editor will allow you full editing of the variables file, basically creating a new theme - DONE
Simple case
a) original theme + colour scheme is stored in site
b) original theme less is loaded and db stored variables applied at edit time
c) edits are save to dB and a new CSS file is generate and stored as the customer CSS for the site
Complex case
a) theme variable + base theme less files loaded into editor
b) if modified, a new theme is created and new variable file saved
c) new CSS file is generated and stored as the theme CSS

BUG: Bulk conversion to stage! - Fixed
Make subdomain a required field - was already, but fixed validation firing - DONE
Subtotal is including GST on Confirmation page, but correct when viewing in admin, correct in email confirmation - Fixed

Released: Version 5.07
NEW Easy logo and background selection in theme editor with instant preview
NEW Faster page loading thanks to full support of browser compression
NEW Import  Contacts now supports for many different file formats including xls/xlsx/csv/xlsb/xlsm
NEW Add Contact Type and Category to all Contacts in an Import
NEW Improved Contacts layout / detail and additional CRM tools for Feedback / Notes / History
NEW Friendlier form validation that works better with tabs
NEW Easier date range selection for Events and Tickets
NEW Weather Widget on Event template

New Link to Help Center & Home top left
New Support Tab bottom right
New Link to live website top right*
New site preview on Home page*
New Branding / Config editor
New Smart Buttons on home to prompt admin user
New Theme editor*
New Apps Store
New Coupon options* (Free Shipping)
New Account Switch button in Administrator -> Accounts
New Users -> Resend Invite in Manager > Users
New Create Website option in Manager with config wizard*
New Publication -> Subscribers manager under eMarketing -> Publications
New Social Media login in Checkout* (supports 30+ social networks)
New Social Links in Website > Config*
New responsive Checkout (NA)
New sign up form triggers new Account setup, Welcome Email, then link into password creation and then Site Creation Wizard).*
New: Template Chooser for Email Broadcasts
New: Inline template editor for Email Broadcasts w/ insert image
New: Add subscribers or recipients using a report with a filter
New: Publications subscriber management tools
New: Ticket Sales Report
New: Ticket Processing Fees tracking / reporting

New: Boomerang Event Templates – Lots of new features like video banners, event agendas, photo sliders and more.

Bug Fixes
- Logged out or timed out session recovers gracefully with Login prompt
- Memory leak fixed in admin
- Searching when browsing
- Image Choose -> Library -> Upload
- Broadcast editor sometimes dropped content
- New: Page URLs suffixed with a unique ID (this stops different pages with the same name over-writing each other)

- Image meta data is created at upload time to assist with autoscaling at publish time.
- Usability fix when editing sub-items, main save tool bar is hidden until the item is Saved or Cancelled
- Upgraded support for Google eCommerce Tracking
- Formatting of event start/end times


New: Bootstrap compatible Checkout styling


New: Social Checkout Logins - Customers can login with a single using their Facebook login. Ask about configuration.
New: Support for tabs in Linked Items (such as product variants)
Bug Fix: Record Locking - Some users reported items remained locked if they aborted an edit and they were then unable to open the item. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix: Reloading Infomaxim prompted users to login when they were already authenticated. Fixed.
Bug Fix: Checkout logouts. In some cases customers reported problems logging out particularly on 4.x built templates. Fixed. (Your template may need patching too)
Bug Fix: After completing an order, the system would sometimes hold an empty order, instead of resetting to no order. Fixed.
Bug Fix: Report values syncing from mastrer report definitions
Update: New Colour Chooser


T&C's integrated into Step 3
Fixed GST bugs with foreign country orders
Fixed Update Bug with Reports
Order Specification Editor
Improved customisation of Checkout (switch marketing off/on)

Fixed Checkout bugs (thank you Footprint)              
Fixed lost password for admin
Improved specification layout in PO
Added conditional labels in PO


Added Coupons limited by Product Category
Added Coupon applied to cheapest product (optionally by category)
Added Coupon applies to second cheapest product (optionally by category)
Added Friendly URLs to admin
Added Back Button support to admin
Removed obsolete JS includes
Changed Payment service to not timeout
Bug fixes in Failed Payment
Moved CloseOrder to outside Payment Class


Brand New Responsive Interface!
Added new GRID class
Added new USER class - always called / improved session management
Major reskin - new JS frameworks / CSS
Responsive interface
* New Dashboards
* Multi-account
* Multi-shop
Added Payment Class
Integrated new Payment Service (St George, PayWay, NAB, Swipe)
Support for Test Mode w/- config
Support for Debug email notification 
New universal payment page on Checkout

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