Version 4.x

     4.72     Detail Tab added to Orders
               Orders quick filtering
               Order fields properly labelled              
               Clickstream Added to Orders
               Orders tab Added to Customers
               Clickstream Added to Customers
               Hide delete option added to Linked editor
               Hide choose option added to Linked editor
               Drill-thru support added to Linked editor
               Quick filter short field
               Fixed max() bug in customer address!
               Fixed change password bug
               Fix multi-row form bug
               Added icons to main left nav
               Narrower header bar

      4.71     Optionally attach PDF to confirmation email
               Restrict freight method to reject PO Box
               Thumbnail product images in confirmation email
               Fixed bug in sync of tabs
               Improved View tab - autoloads pafe + link to open in new tab
               Fixed Save Copy bug (master_id is now reset)
               Fixed Multi-Row Form Tablename issue
     4.7  -  Checkout improvements:
               - Email editing or ignore
               - Refresh on confirmation bug fixed
               - T&Cs step added
           - Repeat order with reminders
               - Order history: checkout.asp?load=checkout2.asp?ViewHistory=1
               - Digital Goods: IsDigital
               - Pay by account: New alpha payment page
               - Pay by loyalty points: New alpha payment page
               Multi-type tree    
'               Import XLS with automatic field mapping / insert & update
'               Related Types
'               Multi-row forms
'               View tab auto render if one site
'               Multi-tab forms
'               New Help System
'               Usability improvements to Website config editor
'               Usability improvements to Report editor
'               Sync all tables/dictionary option
'               Reports in folder
'               Advanced report bracketing re-enabled
'               More detailed Tax reporting / configuration
'               Improved Config editor
'     4.5  -  Fixed various bugs in form email notification
'               Collection based add-to-cart
'               Linked product items
'               Undeletable product item
'               Product items with custom specifications
'     4.4  -     Various bug fixes
'               Fixed coupon bug
'               Fixed publish new item interface bug
'               Fixed freight by method bug
'               Added recaching window
'               Added coupon hiding
'               Added geo-coded freight destinations
'               Add bulk geo-coder
'   4.39 -     Contacts/Customers
'               Increased security in Checkout
'               Increased validation on payment page
'               Beefy form handler - linked rows, multiple records; thank you IRT
'               Improved expiry / publish date filtering
'               Improved staging / live publishing
'               Expanded image transformations to handle multiple child records
'               Implemented stage flag
'               eCommerce Coupons; thank you Footprint
'               Fixed ckEditor styles / tab issue
'               Fixed hiding linked tabs set on own tab
'               Update replicates table link types
'               Fixed Linked Report paths         
'               Added basic page caching option
'               Added field encryption option / decrypted only on export
'               Custom freight matrix
'               Address geo-coding (integration with Google Places)
'               Encrypt orderid on email notification
'     4.38 -  ckEditor update to 3.4.1
'               Editor JS moved to include
'               Broadcast Editor tab interface usability update
'               Removed freight from affiliate tracking total
'               Added Image Transformations / Publish Time image re-sizing
'               Improved validation handling on forms
'   4.37 -  Added jPicker Colour Chooser
'               Filter error emails to exclude BOT generated events
'               Added Email Record function
'               Located and fixed possible memory leaks in Kernel
'               Added Highcarts, retired FusionCharts
'               New Email Broadcasting Reports
'     4.36 -     Massive usability improvements to main editor including:-
'               Tabs you do not need to SAVE changes from are moved to top level - Fixes MAJOR usability issue
'               Tabs directly related to record are moved to new sub-tab (the name of the table)
'               Changing sub-tabs now auto-saves - no more SAVE, find, edit in order to relate things! Yay!
'               Right-Click to Create Folder in Tree View
'               Fixed numerous bugs around dynamic folder relationships, and uncovered a bunch more future features in this area
'               Encrypted all parameters used in email broadcasting - thank you Rinaldo
'               New decrypt kernal function uses DLL / ASP.NET compatible - Rinaldo
'               St George gateway API (ASP.NET) - Rinaldo
'               St George payment connector - Rinaldo/Andy
'               Fixed bug with dynamic top level tab names
'               Added alt-tags to all primary editor tabs and action links
'               Added limiting dynamic folders to table type when browsing (global folder concept was too wierd)
'               Renamed Related to Linked for usability
'               Changed Save to post to a dialog box
'               Added new Close button (so you can make edits, publish and then view, and only close when you're done)
'               Renamed Expire to Unpublish for usability
'               Added new View feature, with support for Stage and Live and multiple websites
'               Added new Stage configuration fields
'               Moved publishing code to an include
'               Turned main publish loop into a function, for re-use by View         
'     4.35 -  Switched to JSTree 1.0rc2
'               Switched to JSValidation 1.7
'               Added support for Cut, Copy, Paste in folder view
'               Added support to nest items in tree view
'               Added support to rename folders or items in tree view
'               Added full versioning to tree view changes    
'               Added support for display_order shuffling in tree    
'     4.34 -      Switched to Aristo jQuery UI theme / fixed CSS issues
'               Switched to jQuery 1.4 / UI 1.8 / removed Dimensions plug in
'               Switched to using Google code repository for jQuery
'               Added ckEditor link file Plug-In    
'               Fixed bugs with Aurora Update
'     4.33 -     Update to Fusion Graphics to 3.3
'               Dashboard widgets now scale to 100% width
'               Added Work Flow config
'               Added 'Show as tab' option on Related item
'               Added right hand side Status Panel
'               Added Tasks
'               Added Projects
'               Fixed User Online Count in Admin
'                Fixed search in Browse for numeric columns
'     4.32 -      Added IP to Country detection / map country to website and redirect
'               Fixed Return key in Search when browsing
'               Added support for ckEditor
'               Modified virtual folder - deployment now sits in /Infomaxim folder
'               Added Country to Analytics - Visitors
'               Added Country Flag to Clickstream
'               Added Automatic Email validation to form handler
'               Added Personalisation to Email Broadcasting
'     4.31 -      Added Clickstream filter by Website
'               Added Website tracking to Analytics
'               Added Web and Global Config Editor
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