Configuring Paths


Each deployment has a specific wrapper used to publish pages, set in the System -> Config.

The wrapper defines the template include path. For a deployment using system templates, the path might look like this:-

<!-- #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/infomaxim/aurora_themes/{theme set}/{theme}/[template]" -->

Whereas a site using custom templates from the local website, the path might simply be:-

<!-- #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/templates/[template]" -->


Page paths are created as follows:-

/{template path}/{table path}/ {tree path} /{item path}/{filename}

All of the nodes in the path tree are optional, such that the {filename} may simply be rendered in the root of the site.

Template Path: This is set using the Path field in the Template selected for the published item

Table Path: Set using Publish Folder field under Publishing in the Table item.

Folder Path: If the content item has a field called [folder] which is populated, then the folder is created from the text contained in the field

Tree Path : The folder in which the item is situated within the default tree view for the item is used; or if no default tree view is defined, then the default folder tree for that table is used.

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