Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When you create a new page, the Title field is used to automatically search optimise the published page.

However you can also edit these automatically generated values. You will find them in the Page tab or section in the item you are publishing.

Automatically generated content is created for the:-

  • Meta Title – this is the title that appears in the browser tab when viewing the page, and on search results on Google and other search engines as the page title. 
  • File Name – the last part of the URL to the page is the file name. For

Meta Description is a hidden paragraph used by some search engines as the page description. However, Google and most of the larger engines now ignore this value.

Other parts of the page are also search optimised. 

  • Images have title or alt tags relating to the information they link to. You can see these when you hover over the image with your mouse pointer.
  • Headings and sub headings are marked up in the XHTML to help search engines determine the most important content

We recommend reviewing Google’s published guidelines in regard to search optimisation. There are hundreds of factors considered which combine to determine the ranking a page has for a particular search phrase.

These factors include visibility on social channels, links from other credible websites and quality relevant content within the page.

Google’s Search Engine Starter Guide is an excellent place for further information.

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