Managing Lists

Each Email List you create can be subscribed to in the following ways:-

  1. Automatically, each time a customer completes a purchase
  2. Manually, by visiting the Subscribe page on your website
  3. Manually, on the billing address page of the Checkout
  4. Privately – can only be populated by you in the admin interface

Each Contact subscribed to a List appears in the Subscribers tab of the List.

Each List a Contact is subscribed to will appear in the Subscriptions tab of the Contact.

You can bulk add subscribers to a List using the Subscribe tab. Select a list then click Add to Subscribe, or Remove to Unsubscribe the list.

Duplicates are automatically skipped.

By adding one list, then removing another, you will be left with the difference.

Email recipients can manage their Subscriptions by clicking the Unsubscribe or Manage Subscriptions link at the bottom of an email, or by visiting the Subscriptions page when logged in.

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