Macquarie Telecom - Quick Guide

Publishing a device or accessory


  1. Title: The name of the product, not including the brand.
  2. Text Description: Used….
  3. Ingram SKU: Ingram Micro product SKU
  4. BP SKU: Legacy SKU, no longer used
  5. Feature Image: Upload an image or choose from the Library
  6. Featured: No longer used
  7. New: If checked, the product will have a NEW splash label
  8. Is Bundle: This product is the main item in a bundle of products. The products to include should be chosen using the Bundle Products tab

Price and Categories

  1. Populate all the category fields as best possible. These are used when a customer is searching for the product.
  2. The brand is displayed in front of the product title.
  3. The SIM Type and Carrier must only be entered if the product is a SIM. (And not a Blank SIM)

Shipping and Availability

  1. Weight: Not used (optional, if you require heavy items and shipping by distance calculation)
  2. Freight Cost: An optional additional fee added to the total freight cost.
  3. QTY on hand: This field is updated once a day from Ingram Micro. It is not controlled otherwise by the shop in any way.


A product feature/benefit description should be entered here. It will show under the Features heading below the product image.

You can also add additional images, video, specification tables or link PDF documents.

Detailed information on using the editor is included here, under Content Editor

You may also like / promo packs

You can choose products to suggest to the customer when viewing a product by adding them to the You May Also Like tab.


Publishing a SIM

There are two types of each SIM – a blank and one which is automatically picked according to the device a customer chooses when adding a service.

Follow the same steps for a device. Under the Price and Categories tab, also select the SIM Type and Carrier.

The Shop uses two methods to link a SIM to a device.

  1. When editing the device, use the Compatible SIMs tab to choose the SIM products that should be used     OR
  2. When no compatible SIMs have been linked for a product, the shop will pick from those SIMs linked to the products Brand.
    These are edited under the Available Carrier SIMs tab under Shop > Brands in a particular brand.

Note – BLANK SIMs should not be linked and should not have a SIM Type as they are sold only as accessories.

Plan Bundles

1. Shop > Plans
2. Edit a service
3. Check the Allow Bundle Products tick box
4. Bundle Options tab
5. Choose products to show as bundle options

NOTE: Services are pulled from Fleetview and created in the Shop just-in-time when we first see them in an order. That means a brand new service won't show in Shop > Services until it is attempted to be ordered.


1. Edit the product
2. Choose the renamed 'Also Like / Promotions' tab
3. Add products in the usual way
4. Check the Promo Pack checkbox after adding - it's on the list of items in the tab just before the delete icon - this will make the linked product show in the Promotions select box 


Report :  Customers > Notifications Log, lists the notification status in reverse date order for the survey notification only. 
a) When possible notification event occurs, system checks if that event has fired before for the item concerned (an order or a line item)
b) If it has not, an email is generated and set in a queue ready to set - this includes the customised message, recipient and sender detail.
c) Every 15 minutes a separate process checks the queue, sends any emails waiting and sets the status to Sent.


1. Select Pages from the main menu
2. Select General
3. Add New
4. Add detail and set the Parent (bottom right) to News
5. Add content
6. Save & Publish


Infomaxim auto-sizes the images at publish time - so the size is not the issue -  however most images are deep etched on a white background and the positioning/size of the photo within the physical image varies a lot.

Ideally, you need to have a designer properly photoshop the images so they are consistently treated in respect to the size of the white area. 
For creating complex banners we recommend and use
You can also edit images within Infomaxim. Step by step guide 

Import Techfunds

1. Rename the spreadsheet column headings to fleetview_id and loyalty_points from InvoiceEntity and Tech Fund Balance respectively
2. Customers > Import
3. Select the XLSX file and click Upload & Next
4. Select the Worksheet, ignore other fields and click Next
5. Select fleetview_id as the Match existing records by Column for matching and click Next
6. Done

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