Publications and Subscribers

Publications have Subscribers, rendered by the report Aurora_Subscribers, which is generated from the MSSQL View, PublicationSubscribers.

In this View, Aurora_Customers are linked to Aurora_Publications through Aurora_Related.

The Customer is the parent and the Publication is linked.

Publications can manage Subscribe through the Manage Subscribers Plug-In which is linked to /infomaxim/aurora_broadcast/subscribers.asp?pubmid=[mid]

This Plug-In can Add, Remove, RemoveAll.

RemoveAll is executed using /infomaxim/aurora_broadcast/subscriberremoveall.asp?publication=<%=pubmid%>

Add and Remove us the report rendering engine with to act on subscribers based on the select Report
/infomaxim/aurora_reports/aurora_query_render.asp?subscriberaction=add&NoRequests=1&publication=<%=pubmid%>&m_id='+$('#query :selected').val()

Reports appear in the ManageSubscribers Plug-In if they have a Type of Subscriber.


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