Creating an event page

Event pages can be nice and simple or filled with layers of information.

  • The layout is automatically created depending on the content you create.
  • You can theme your page to make it fit your event

Quick Guide

  1. From Events > Calendar create a new event by choosing Add New
  2. Fill out the Description and Where & When tabs
  3. To sell tickets or get registrations, go to the Tickets and Registrations tab then Add New
  4. You can add as many different ticket/registration types as you need
  5. Once you’re ready to see how it looks, click the Save & Preview button
  6. Close the dialogue to see the preview on the same screen
  7. Click the Open in new tab button to view the event page in a new browser tab
  8. To publish your event so it is visible on your website, click Save & Publish

Basic Information

From Events > Calendar > Add New, your new event listing should have:-

  1. The event title
  2. Sub title
  3. A short description
  4. The event start and end date/time
  5. Door opening time
  6. Location
  7. Feature image – (size is not critical, as the image will be automatically resized)



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