Ticketing and Registration

To add tickets or registration options to your event:-

  1. Open the event
  2. Click the Tickets or Registration tab
  3. Choose Add New

For each ticket or registration option you need to provide the following information:-


  • Sell tickets – to simply sell tickets without collecting specific information from each ticket holder apart from payment information.
  • Register Free – to collect details from each attendee for a free event
  • Register + Cost – to collect details from each attandee for a paid event
  • Free – (no registration or tickets) – to simply list the event as FREE, with no registration or ticketing requirement
  • Tickets at door – to list simply list the event as “Tickets at the door” with no registration or ticketing requirement
  • RSVP – for invite only events, allowing email invitees to RSVP with only a few clicks

You may see other types we are currently testing, which will be added soon!


This is the title of the option. Examples include General, Members, Students or anything you like that makes sense!


Enter a number in this field only if you wish to sell tickets or collect paid registrations.


This is a short description of your event used for social media shares or listings of the event on your teaser page or event feeds.

18+ and Allocated Seating

These checkbox options will show as information under the ticket. They don’t effect the function of the ticket or registration process.

Registration Form

The Registration Form tab allows you to create an attendee registration form using drag n drop to organise preset and custom fields.

You can click on a field label to change the default label and placeholder text.

The form will be presented once for each attendees details to be collected at the Checkout stage.


This field is required and controls the number of tickets or registration you will accept of this type.

Show Available

Control if the number of remaining tickets or registrations is shown on your event page.

Maximum # per order

This field is required. Enter the maximum number of tickets or registration you will allow in a single order. This is intended to manage the rate of ticket sales for large events. For small events, just enter a large number.

Sale Start and End Date

Required – These date/times fields control when this ticket or registration option will be visible. You can use these date ranges to control early bird pricing, or to stop ticket or registration prior to the event date/time.



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