Agenda, Speakers, Photos & Sponsors

Your event page can be expanded to include panels displaying Speakers, and Agenda, Sponsor logos and Photos.

Step 1. Open the Event and choose the More Content tab

Speakers or Artists

Select the Speakers or Artists tab, then click the Choose/Add button.

  • Select the check box next to the existing Speaker/Artist OR
  • Choose Add New to create a new Speaker/Artist profile
  • The social fields should contain the full URL to the persons profile home


Eventsity will display an agenda spanning multiple areas or streams across one or more days. The layout is controlled automatically.

All you need to do is enter each agenda item

  • Select the Agenda tab
  • Choose Add New to add an item Agenda item
  • Fill out the agenda start and end date/time
  • Provide the title of the item
  • The Area or Stream should be the location (such as the room or meeting room name) which might include the Stream description if you have multiple agendas running concurrently.
  • You can then link a Speaker/Artist profile
  • The description is visible when the user clicks to expand the agenda item


  • From the photos tab, click Add
  • All the fields except the Image file are optional – so you can just choose an image from the Library or select a file to upload.
  • Photos will appear as a sliding photo strip


  • From the Sponsors tab, click ChooseAdd
  • Check the box next an existing Sponsor logo or Add New
  • Each sponsor can have an optional URL linking their logo to their website
  • Sponsor logos will be positioned and scaled automatically at the bottom of your event page.







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