Ticket and Registration: Controlling Allocation

Allocation of the number of attendees is possible:-

  • As a single amount for the entire event
  • On a per ticket/registration type basis
  • A combination of the above

No Limit

Providing an allocation # for the event or each ticket/registration type is optional. To accept an unlimited number, simply leave these values blank. After you save they will show as 0 (or no limit).

Limit total tickets/registration for event, regardless of type

In an Event, on the Where and When tab, the Maximum Attendees field allows you to control the maximum numbers of persons that can be accepted for all tickets/registration types in total.

A blank value or 0 means no limit.

Limit by individual ticket/registration types

In the event, under the Ticket or Registration tab, multiple types of tickets or registrations can be created.

Enter a number in the Allocation field of the Ticket/Registration type to set the maximum number accepted for that type of Ticket or Registration.

A blank value or 0 means no limit.

A combination of total for event and total for specific ticket/registration

If you provide a Maximum Attendees for the Event you can also provide a maximum for a specific Ticket/Registration type.

In this case, the number of available tickets/registrations will be based on the maximum for that type, unless the balance exceeds the maximum for the entire event, in which case the lower balance is used.








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