Public Website Security

A website can have security restricting access in the following ways:-

  • All users must know a single password

  • All users must register, with the following options:-
    • Allow any user to register
      • Users can simply enter an email, then create a password to access the website in future.
    • Restrict to users with email already in Contacts
      • Only users with an email address already in Contacts can register. Email addresses can be imported in bulk using the Manager > Import feature.
    • Restrict to users with email in a particular domain name
      • Only email addresses containing a specific domain name are allowed to register. When used with the next option (Require User to Validate Email) this provides a way to securely limit access to users in a particular organisation.
    • Require users to validate email address
      • Once a valid email is entered, the user is sent an email containing a link. They must then click on the link to validate the email and finish registering.

All these options can be set from Website > Config on the General tab in the Public Website Security section.




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