Create Email List

Create Email List

You can create one or more email lists. You can then subscribe or unsubscribe Contacts to each list.

To create a new list, navigate to Emarketing > Email Lists and select Add New.

The list Title will be visible to Subscribers, so it should be a meaningful name.

Subscribe Automation allows you to control how Contacts get subscribed to the list. You can also bulk add and remove Subscribers.

  • Automatic for new customers means any new Customer will be automatically subscribed to the list.
  • Offer Subscription in Checkout will prompt Customers to subscribe during the Checkout process.
  • On Subscription Page Only will show the list as an option to subscribe to on the Subscriptions page available to logged in Customers.
  • Private – can only be populated by you in the admin interface.

Show Sign-Up on First Visit will display a pop-up dialog ONLY to first time visitors to the website, asking them to Subscribe.

The optional Image is only Shown on the Subscriptions page, visible to logged in Customers or Subscribers.





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