Add List Subscribers from Contacts

Add List Subscribers

  1. Select an Email Lists in eMarketing > Lists
  2. Select the Subscribers tab
  3. Choose the Contacts to subscribe from the drop down box and click Add Subscribers

At step 3, you can also remove all the names found in a list. If you don’t see the list you need, let us know and we will configure a report for you.

Lists can be created based on many criteria, so complex profiling is possible.

Your Responsibility

It’s very important that any email address you subscribe to a List meets the regulatory requirements for privacy and SPAM in the country you intend to send the email to.

You accept full responsibility to ensure email recipients have either opted in to receive your email, or as some countries permit, have a reasonable basis to expect to receive an email from your business.

Breaches of these requirements may result in your account being suspended.

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