Website Security

You can restrict access to your public website in two ways:-

  • Single password
  • Contact login

These settings are applied under Config > Settings > General in the Public Website Security panel.

The default setting is No Security, which means your website is open to the public.

Single Password

Choosing Single Password will enable the Single Password you define to be required in order to access the website.

Contact Login

This option enables several additional options.

  • Email must be a Contact: The user must be an existing Contact in order to attempt to login. This allows you to restrict access to set email addresses which you can import or enter into your Contacts.
  • Email must be validated: A user logging in for the first time will receive an email with a link. By clicking on the link they can then proceed to access the website.
  • Restrict to domain: You can restrict users self registering to one or more domains. Multiple domains can be entered one after the other separated by a space, comma or semi-colon. In this case, a user self-registering to access the site must have an email address on one of the restricted domains. By also selecting Email Must Be Validated you can effectively limit access to individuals in one or more specific organisations.


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