Automatically trigger an email to a customer or user when a certain event occurs - such as an Order reaching a particular status.

The notification email can be personalised and delayed a set amount of time.

Send an email to customers to complete a survey

Create a new Notification and choose an Event of Shipped

Fill out the email subject and check the Enabled checkbox, optionally also choose to CC the email to a user account.

On the Time tab enter the Days / Hours / Minutes after the order status delay after which the email should be sent.

On the Content tab enter the email message you wish to send. This message can be personalised to included details relating to the order.

Personalisation field should be entered in square brackets and correspond to the fields in the order. Commonly used fields include:-

[billingfirstname] - The customer first name
[billinglastname] - The customer last name
[id] - The order number

How it works

When a possible notification event occurs, a checks is made to see if that event has ocurred before for the item concerned (an order or a line item)
If it has not, an email is generated and set in a queue ready to set - this includes the customised message, recipient and sender detail.
Every 15 minutes the queue is processed, sending any emails waiting. The status of the notification in the log then changes to Sent


A record of every notification sent is stored in the a Notification Log, which you can view in Reports > Customers > Notifications

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