1.1 Purpose

To provide integrated real-time metrics on the activities of visitors, consumption of content and conversion of campaigns.

1.2 Operation

  • Content managers can view a report for any individual content item which is tracked on the site
  • Content managers can view general high level metrics on site visitors
  • Content managers can drill into individual user activity

In the future, full mouse tracking can be optionally recorded for a sub-set of users

1.3 Technical

A JavaScript include collects client side data and other variables created at render time. When the page is rendered in a browser, these values will be passed to a data collection component.

When a hit on the component is recorded the collection component will do the following:-

  • Date/Time – variable
  • Split into year / date / day / time fields for faster reporting
  • Does the visitor have a session?
  • No – create the session and record *all* user profile information
  • Read previous visitor cookie – store in PreviousID
  • Issue Session(“VisitorID”)
  • Record Session(“UserID”)
  • Record date/time, year, date, day, time
  • Record the view event
  • Lookup the Page URL
  • Lookup in the URL in the page cache
  • If exists relate using the ID
  • If Cachable = True and Cached = False then Cache the page
  • If not exists create in the Aurora_Live_Pages
  • Cachable = False (cachable pages are added to the Live_Pages when they are rendered.
  • Record date/time, year, date, day, time

Code Snippet


<div id="infomaxim_analytics" style="display:none;"></div>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
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