Inviting customers to subscribe

If you have a customer list you wish to email an invitation to subscribe to a emailing list.

  1. Create the email list in Emarketing > Email Lists
    • Click Add
    • Enter a title – this is the name Customers will see
      • Examples:
        • Club Newsletter
        • Weekly Event Guide
    • Select “Offer Opt-In to new customers”
      • This will ensure future customers also see the option to subscribe during the Checkout process
    • Tick the Show Sign-Up on first visit
      • A pop-up dialog will appear when visitors first come to your website, inviting them to subscribe
      • A visitor coming from an email can subscribe in one click.
  2. Set up an Email Broadcast
  3. Send an email inviting people to subscribe and include a link to your home page.
  4. When email recipients click on the link, they will land on your home page with the Subscribe dialog open and already populated with their email address.
  5. They can then subscribe with just one click.
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