How to add a blog to your website

  1. Check if you already have the Blog add on by expanding the Pages left menu. You will see a Blog item. If it’s not there, go to step 2 otherwise go to step 3.
  2. Open the Apps left menu item and click the Blog app to install it in your website. The message “App Installed” will appear at the top of the page. Click the Refresh icon on your browser, then expand the Pages item again. You should now see the Blog item.
  3. Click on Pages > Blog and choose the Add New button to create your first blog entry. Proceed as you would for creating a new page.
  4. Next, you need to add a Blog home page to your website – this is the page that will list your blog posts.
    1. Go to Pages > General
    2. Click the Add New button
    3. On the Description tab give your page a Title such as “Blog” – this is the name that will appear in your main navigation as a link to this page.
    4. On the Page tab give your page a Name (eg: “blog-home”). This will be the last part of the URL to your page.
    5. Click the Choose Template button and pick a Blog Home template – there are several:-​
      • Look for templates starting with the name “Blog Home”
      • Click the Choose button to pick the Template
      • Save & Preview your Blog home page
  5. Now, go to Pages > Blog and create a blog entry using Add New. Save & Preview the blog item.
  6. Finally, click the Preview link in the top header of the Admin page (near the Help icon). You should now be able to browse to your new blog home page, see your first blog item and click on it to see the blog post in full.

How to make your blog live

Once you’re happy with all the above, you should Save & Publish your blog item or items that you wish to publish live, then Save & Publish your blog home page. 

You can now add additional blog items at any time.

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