Forms with upload

Form action parameters

tbl: (required) the table the assets will upload into

Example of form submitting to self:-


Required fields

form_name: can be any value, so long as it exists

table_name: table there are fields for in this form (repeat for additional tables)

form_action: {insertExec/updateExec} 
updateExec requires ID field

Example with two tables:-

<input name="form_name" style="display: none" type="hidden" value="form_requests" />
<input name="table_name" style="display: none" type="hidden" value="aurora_customers" />
<input name="table_name" style="display: none" type="hidden" value="aurora_exhibitors" />
<input name="form_action" style="display: none" type="hidden" value="insertExec" />

Upload fields

For single row forms:-

Field Name: Table + “_” Field + “_upload.1”

<input id="aurora_exhibitors_doc1.1"  name="aurora_exhibitors_doc1_upload.1" placeholder="Choose file 1" type="file" value="">


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