New Page Security, Event Options, Market Stall bookings and Clickstream

Page Security

Make any page visible only to logged in Customers. Simply select the Secure option on the Page tab from the Security setting.

Stall Holder Bookings

A new selection of tools for vetting stall holders, approving them and then accepting multi-event bookings. The process begins with an application form. Stall holders submit an application to hold a stall. Submissions result in new Contacts linked to Stalls. You can then Approve a stall if it meets your criteria – firing an email to the Contact to notify them in one click. The email content is managed in our new Email Automation feature. 

Stall holders can then click on the email link to access a stall holder booking page where they can Book one or more events, complete with options like Power, Insurance and so on.

Event Options

Need to add options to a ticket, registration or booking that carry a dollar value – for example dinner or lunch? The options you link to an event show automatically under each ticket type. Attendees can select one or more with just one click and they are grouped under the main item in the Checkout.

Multi-event listing template

Display many events on a single page complete allowing your customers to quickly select multiple events complete with option in just a few clicks.

Clickstream Dashboard

See exactly which pages your visitors are looking at as a series of clicks so you can better understand the behaviour of your customers. You’ll find the new Clickstream under Dashboards.


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