Checkout Logic

Item Timer

To ensure the most number of items can be sold, particularly as the item  approaches sell out, a time limit is placed on how long a customer can hold a stock controlled item in their cart without completing the order.

The default window to complete an order containing time sensitive items is 30 minutes.

Each website can have a custom order window setting. Otherwise the plaform setting will be used. If there is no platform setting, the hard coded 30 minute limit will be used.

The remaining time is shown once the user enters the Checkout in the form of a count down timer using the TimeCircles component.

Free allocation service

As orders are started and abandoned, allocated items are returned to stock and de-allocated through a service that runs at set intervals.

All stock controlled items with a status of ‘Pending” which have a status date older than the order window will be Cancelled and returned to stock.

To avoid cancellation at the point of payment, the status date is reset to now when the customer hits the payment page.




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