Image Import

1.1 Purpose

To import images referenced by a database field into the Aurora Assets folder and table.

1.2 Operation

  • Copy the images to the assets/import folder on the Aurora server. All images must be in the root; sub-folders are not scanned. Zip files should be decompressed.
  • Using the table field editor, select the field containing the image reference.
  • Select the Image Import option
    • Images which are already an asset
      • Related field to existing asset by renaming asset infield
      • Checks file has been copied successfully
        • If not, copies file
    • Images found in the import folder:-
      • Copied to the Assets folder with a new prefix of the Asset ID
      • New record added to Aurora_Assets
      • Image title, filename, original_filename are set
      • Field filename reference renamed to include new Asset ID prefix

1.3 Technical

  • Aurora_Images_Import
  • Possible issue with scalability – the number of images which Windows can hold in file-system in a folder and access files quickly. Suggest a house-keeping mode could rename image references to include a path – the folder name of which would be based on the image category. During import, the image category could be set based on a related category of the item.
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