Quick Start: Create and theme a new event website

You can create as many websites as you need. Each site will have its own separate repository for Pages, Events, Products, Customers, Orders and all other website data.

How to create a new website

  1. Select Manager > Create Website
  2. Follow the wizard through the following step
    • Profile
      • The site title is for your reference only
      • You can point your own custom domain name later if required. For now enter the subdomain name which will prefix the eventsity.com domain. So if your event is “bizcon2018” enter this in the yourwebsite field. The domain name will then be http://bizcon2018.eventsity.com
    • Event Page/s
      • Select the kind of event if you want your new website prepopulated with a starter event or choose the last option to skip this and start with an empty website.
    • Event Type
      • Naming of various parts of the content and information you can manage in Eventsity will change to match the kind of event you’re running.
    • Theme
      • Scroll down through the themes and select the one you like. You can change the colours, fonts, styles, backgrounds and more later.
      • Scroll to the very bottom and click Finished
  3. Your new website will now be created. Next, go in and edit or create an event under Events > Calendar. 
  4. Publish and Preview the event to see how it looks

How to set the logo and customise the theme

  1. Click the Eventsity logo to return to the Home dashboard
  2. Click the Theme Editor banner at the top right of the dashboard
  3. The Theme Editor will open in a new browser tab
  4. Choose a log, pick colours and more then click Save once you’re done.
  5. To finish simply close the Theme Editor tab
  6. When you return to the main Admin tab, click the Eventsity logo again to refresh the preview




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