Discount Coupons

Marketing discounts can be a powerful customer growth strategy. You can create as many discount codes as you wish. 

Many different types of discounts can be created:-

  • Dollar amount
  • Percentage off
  • Shipping discount
  • Dollar amount off item number
  • Percentage off item number
  • Grant free items
  • Exclude particular items

You can also choose:

  • Dates between which a discount is valid
  • Minimum order value required before discount applies

How to create

  1. Go to Sales > Coupons and choose Add
  2. Enter the following:-
    • Title : This will appear on the Customers receipt or invoice and on internal reports
    • Code: Make up a short unique code. Customers enter the code to redeem the coupon. You can also print the code in marketing.
    • Type: Choose the benefit you wish to give your customer
      • Percent Off - Put the percentage (without the % symbol) in the amount field. For example for 20% enter 20.
      • Amount Off - Out the amount in whole $ you wish to deduct from the customers order in the amount field. For example for $10 enter 10.
      • Free Product - Select the product you wish to be added to the order on the Free Product/s Tab by clicking the Choose button and browsing to a product. Then tick the box to add it.
      • Second Most Expensive Free - The value of the second most expensive product will be deducted from the order.
      • Cheapest Free - The value of the least expensive product will be deducted from the order.
      • Free Freight – Whatever the freight charge is, that amount will be applied as an offset using the coupon.
    • Also grant free freight: Can be used with another Coupon Type to grant free freight *AS WELL* as the main coupon discount. The two amounts will be combined into a single coupon value.
    • Give to new customers: When a new customer signs up, you can automatically allocate the coupon to the customer. It can then be redeemed once by that customer.
    • Minimum Order Total: If the order total is less than this amount, the coupon is not applied.
    • Start Date: The Date/Time after which the coupon will be considered valid
    • End Date: The Date/Time prior to which the coupon will be considered valid. IMPORTANT: If you do not enter a time, the coupon will expire at exactly 12am on that date.
  3. Click Save and your new Coupon is immediately available.

Other Rules

  1. By default, each coupon can only be redeemed once per customer
  2. Depending on your configuration, you may also be able to limit a coupon to specific categories - Choose one or more from the Categories Tab on the Coupon.
  3. You can change the number of coupons that can be redeemed per order in Config > Settings.


Sales > Sales By Coupon

The coupon code used for each order is available in the Order Detail with Analytics report source.

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