GetGrid(flags, array_name, table, rows, fields, where, related, related_id, order_by)

ExtraSQLJOIN can be used to pass additional joins to GetGrid


  • Array: corresponding to the database record set in the format array_name(field,row)
  • RowCnt: the number of rows found starting from 1

By default, returns the following records:-

Admin Current version of each
Stage Only records which have been staged
Live Only records which have been published and approved



Optional stringh of flags. More than one flag can be included.

  • # returns DISTINCT records
  • % returns only CURRENT records 
  • P returns only PUBLISHED records
  • * to return ALL records in table and does not join Aurora_Data
  • @ keeps the record set open so it can be used for managing paging
  • & renders for export; requires ExportType to be set
  • @ keep RS open for paging
  • S Leave Sort Order unprefixed
  • X Don't use COUNT
  • F use full text index
  • E add NOEXPAND hint

Array Name

Can be any valid VBScript array name.


A database table
Rows Optional - defaults to all rows
Numeric - The top n rows
Fields String - Comma separated list of fields
Where Optional. String - A valid where clause, without the WHERE statement

Optional String - A table containing records related to the main table

! in front of related table name denotes reverse relationship

Related_ID Optional Numeric - The ID of a specific related record

Optional SQL order by clause without the ORDER BY statement








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